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What to Do When You've Been Arrested in Jacksonville FL

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers in Jacksonville, Florida

Every arrest is serious and requires a serious defense. If you are under arrest or under investigation by any law enforcement agency, it is imperative that you invoke your civil rights. Ask for a lawyer and don’t say anything else, remain silent at all costs. After you are arrested, call a criminal defense attorney immediately. A criminal lawyer will appear at a bond hearing or first appearance, on your behalf and obtain a lower bond or a release on your own recognizance. A criminal lawyer can also make arrangements for a bail or bondsman to secure your release.

After you are released from custody, you must start gathering evidence to mount an effective defense. Memories fade and evidence disappears, you must preserve it for your defense. A criminal lawyer can often defend a case before formal charges are even filed. A criminal attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor or present evidence compelling a prosecutor to dismiss a case before you ever step in a courtroom.

When you've been charged with a crime in Jacksonville, Florida, you need criminal representation as quickly as possible, you cannot go at it alone.

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