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To obtain a theft conviction, the State of Florida must prove the defendant "knowingly uses or obtains the property of another," this act can be done to permanently or only temporarily, despite the owner of the property.

Theft offenses can differ significantly depending upon the value of the alleged stolen items and a person's prior convictions. The most basic theft offense is petty theft. Petty theft is a misdemeanor, but the crime is enhanceable. The first conviction is a second-degree misdemeanor; second offense is a first-degree misdemeanor and a third conviction is a felony offense.

Even for a first offense, it is crucial to obtain a defense lawyer to discuss your options, entering a plea of no contest or guilty could expose a criminal defendant to increased risk on criminal sanctions.

Grand theft is the taking of item(s) valued in excess of $300. Similar to petty theft, the degree of felony increases with the value of items stolen. Theft in excess of $100,000 enhances the crime to a first-degree felony. Grand theft auto involves the taking of an automobile, and is a felony, regardless of value.

Oftentimes, a skilled criminal attorney can mitigate the possible exposure with crafty techniques, this is why an experienced criminal defense lawyer is necessary. Call (904) 334-7103 today.

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