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Sexual Assault Jacksonville FL

Experienced Sexual Assault Attorneys Jacksonville Florida

Sexual abuse against children is one of the most serious charges you can face. A sexual abuse conviction will change your life forever. You’ll be forced to notify your neighbors, you will have to notify potential and existing employers, and most importantly, you’ll have to go on the Sexual Predators website and forever be deemed as a “predator.” To protect your name and your rights, it’s important to note what sexual abuse is, what the legal consequences are, and how to avoid a conviction.

What is sexual abuse against a child?

According to the organization, Prevent Child Abuse America, sexual abuse of a child is inappropriately exposing or subjecting the child to sexual contact, activity, or behavior. The act may include oral, anal, genital, buttock, or breast contact. It may also include the use of objects for vaginal or anal penetration, fondling, or sexual stimulation. The act may be with a male or female and is done for the sole benefit of the offender. Sexual abuse against a child also includes the exploitation of a child for pornographic purposes, forcing a child into prostitution, or stimulation with inappropriate solicitation, exhibitionism, and erotic materials.

If convicted, will my picture end up online?

In Florida, if you meet the criteria for a sexual offender or predator, your registration information and photo will be posted on the sexual offender/predator website unless deemed by the court to be confidential and exempt from public file.

Once you're registered under Florida criteria, you are registered for life. To receive a pardon, or to learn more about receiving a pardon, contact Casey Bryant today.

Does Florida have a statute of limitations?

Florida has a criminal and civil sexual abuse statutes of limitations. However, the civil statute has large loopholes as opposed to criminal charges. One of the most important things to note about the Statute of Limitations (SOL) is that it applies to when the crime took place. If the SOL has been lengthened since the crime took place, it can not be reactivated.

If charged with aggravated rape, there is no SOL. However, prosecution for sexual assault or abuse has a statute of limitations of four years. However, if there is a discovery of DNA evidence, the SOL extends to one year for DNA analysis.

If you or someone you know has been charged with sexual abuse against a child, the time to act is now. Contact Casey Bryant today to get started on preparing your case. A conviction will forever change your life – you have no time to waste.

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