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Sex Trafficking Jacksonville FL

Experienced Sex Crimes Attorneys Jacksonville Florida

Sex trafficking is a form of prostitution but is the result of force, fraud or coercion which causes another to engage in prostitution. Typically, children or illegal immigrants are compelled to engage in prostitution for some sort of minimal benefit to them.

Sex trafficking is often a crime that is charged in federal court, but it can also be charged in state court as well. Many sex trafficking prosecutions involve activities which cross state lines; this is what invokes the federal authorities, due to jurisdictional issues.

Under Florida law, sex trafficking is a second degree felony. In order to establish the offense was committed, the prosecution must prove that force, fraud or coercion was used to cause another person to engage in prostitution. Prostitution is defined as sexual activity, so to prove sex trafficking there must be sexual activity.

Attorney Bryant has handled an extensive number of criminal cases involving sex trafficking, the crime is not frequently charged to it is somewhat a mystery to many defense attorneys, so if you need experience on a sex trafficking charge, call the Law Office of Casey Bryant P.A. today.

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