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Sealing Arrest Records

Petitioning to Seal Your Arrest Records in Jacksonville FL

Moving on with your life after you’ve been arrested is important. An arrest record can be the difference between the home you want and the home you’re forced to settle in. An arrest record can be the difference between the jobs of your dream and the dead-end job you’re forced to take. Let our qualified Florida lawyer help you to restore your name and seal your arrest records.

Under Florida law, there are many types of criminal arrest records and court dispositions that can be sealed from public disclosure, including potential employers and landlords.

Once your arrest record is sealed, you can lawfully deny any prior arrests as it is no longer public record and you will no longer have to disclose it as part of a criminal record check. For this reason alone, it’s important to seek a sealing of arrest records when you’re ready to move on with your life is a positive manner.

Your first steps to seal arrest records

To qualify for a sealing of arrest records, you must not have ever had any prior criminal record sealed. Also, you can only seal an arrest record that did not result in a conviction. If these qualifiers pertain to you and your case, then contact Casey Bryant, P.A. to get started.

Prior to petitioning the court to seal your arrest records, you must first obtain a certificate of eligibility from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and submit to the Florida Department a set of fingerprints.

Once the certificate is issued, a petition for the sealing of the arrest records is presented to the appropriate court and state attorney’s office. During all of these steps, it’s important to have an attorney like Casey Bryant, P.A. at your side to be your legal advisor and council. One small mistake in your filing or petition to the court could keep you from restoring your name.

Contact us today in Jacksonville, Florida, to learn more about the steps needed to seal your arrest records.

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