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Experienced Probation Violations Lawyers Jacksonville FL

Whenever an individual is charged with violation of a Florida criminal statute, excluding a probation violation, the State of Florida has the burden of proving the crime was committed beyond any and all reasonable doubt. It is the province of the criminal jury to decide if the State of Florida has met that burden.

Compare that to a violation of probation, where the legal standard is a mere preponderance of the evidence, and the judge is sole decider of fact, not the jury. This lower standard gives the State of Florida the upper hand and puts a criminal defense attorney in a difficult position; this is why most violation cases are won or lost based on legal argument.

A violation of probation can stem from a wide variety of circumstances, the most serious being a new law violation. Many violations occur because a person has failed to pay a fine or failed to complete some required class.

If a person is found to have committed a violation, the judge must decide what the sentence should be, the judge can decide to reinstate the probation, order new, special conditions, or require the defendant to spend the rest of the probationary period in jail or prison.

Probation violations are often very difficult cases and require an experienced criminal lawyer; Casey Bryant has handled numerous probation violations and is able to seek the best result for your case.

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