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Obtaining a Prescription by Fraud in Jacksonville FL

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Prescription fraud is becoming a growing area of interest in the United States. Prosecutions have taken the form of forging a prescription, identity theft, doctor shopping, and purchasing from a “pill mill”. Drug charges may be associated with serious consequences - contact the defense lawyers with a solid track record in acquitals - contact Bryant and his team.

A pill mill is a defined as a doctor, clinic, or pharmacy that distributes prescription pills freely and inappropriately for non-medical reasons. “Pill mill” distributors come in a variety of forms but most recently are often disguised as independent “pain-management centers.”

Although the problem is growing on a national level, investigators believe the highest concentration of these mills is in Florida and Texas.
Other forms of prescription fraud include:

  • Stealing a physician's prescription pad to write prescriptions for any purpose
  • Increasing drug quantity by altering a physician’s prescription
  • Faking prescriptions through the use of a computer
  • Using your phone number for callback confirmations when calling in a prescription

Don’t hesitate to call drug defense attorney Casey Bryant today. Bryant and his team specialize in prescription drug fraud charges. (904) 334-7103

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