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Motion to Withdraw Plea, Motion to Set Aside Judgment, 3.850

If you have entered a plea of guilty or no contest, you only have 30 days to appeal. Our firm can file a Motion to Withdraw the Plea or a Motion to Set Aside the Judgment, but you must act now.  The law only allows for a motion of this type if certain statutory grounds are met; call to speak with our appellate attorney now and discuss your legal options.

Another option to appeal a sentence lies in a 3.850, this motion must be filed within 2 years from the date the sentence was rendered. A 3.850 is used to appeal a judgment and sentence based on ineffective assistance of counsel.  To file a 3.850, a criminal defendant must be under sentence.  To be victorious in a 3.850, a petitioner must show that trial counsel’s performance was deficient under the Strickland v. Washington standard.

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