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Experienced Forfeiture Lawyers Jacksonville FL

In a forfeiture case, the police, sheriff or state attorney is attempting to take the title to your possessions, they want to strip you of your right to ownership and use it for themselves.

Forfeiture is a civil action, not a criminal action, therefore a different set of rules and laws apply to a forfeiture proceeding. Oftentimes after a defendant has been arrested or charged, the police or sheriff will file a forfeiture proceeding. In a forfeiture proceeding, the movant or police agency must show the goods are the fruit of illegal activity or were used in the commission of a crime.

The movant must carry this high burden, and there will almost always be a defense or avenue to show the property came from legal activity.

The state will often attempt to get a criminal defendant to waive their rights in a forfeiture proceeding for a plea bargain on a criminal case. The public defender will not help you in a forfeiture proceeding and many criminal lawyers have never handled one themselves.

If you have been arrested for a drug crime, a forfeiture proceeding will likely follow. Call Attorney Bryant to handle all your drug crime matters; don’t let the police take your property.

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