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Possessing or carrying a weapon or firearm is an essential part of United States history and codified within our Constitution. The Second Amendment provides that individuals shall have the right to bear arms. Unfortunately, that right has been abridged by statutes and laws under both state and federal law.

Florida law has enacted numerous laws which regulate who and how weapons or firearms may be used and/or possessed. Many of the laws which regulate weapons have very stiff penalties and require an aggressive criminal defense.

Whether you have a legal right to possess a weapon or firearm, or have lost those rights through a prior criminal conviction, you will have a viable defense to any crime charged. If that defense includes actual or constructive possession, illegal search and seizure or the prosecutor’s inability to satisfy the burden of proof, we will fight for you! Don’t hesitate, call today.

A criminal conviction of any type can be stigmatizing and have dire consequences, but a weapons conviction can have everlasting consequences due to the gangster or mobster stereotype which is associated with the crime. If you have been charged or are under investigation for any weapon or firearm offense, call the Law Office of Casey Bryant, P.A. today and schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal and constitutional rights.

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