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Failure to Register as a Sexual Offender Jacksonville FL

Experienced Sex Crimes Attorneys Jacksonville Florida

If an individual has been previously convicted of a sexually motivated or sexually violent offense it is very likely they were deemed to be a sexual offender. Under the statutory requirements, a sex offender is required to register or update their registration with the sheriff’s office twice a year.
A sex offender must register on their birth month and then again six months later. Failure to register on the proper months, twice a year constitutes a third-degree felony under Florida law.

Being charged with failing to register has serious implications, based on the prior convictions, for a sexually related offense, a defendant would likely score prison time on a new charge. For this reason it takes extensive legal maneuvering to avoid a possible prison sentence.

If you or someone you know has been charged with any sexually related offense, call the Law Office of Casey Bryant, P.A. today and schedule a free consultation. Our experience in the area of sex crimes in unmatched, our attorneys employ a very aggressive defense strategy for the benefit of our clients.

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