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Crimes with the Exposure of Sexual Organs Jacksonville FL

Experienced Sex Crimes Attorneys Jacksonville Florida

It is a misdemeanor of the first degree under Florida Statutes to unlawfully expose one’s sexual organs. This offense can stem from common acts like urinating in public or streaking. In order to prove the offense, the prosecution must prove beyond any and all reasonable doubt, an individual exposed his sexual organs and that they could be seen. The statute has no intent element, which means regardless if you intended for your sex organs to be seen, the police can still arrest you.

Only one exception to this crime is statutorily excused, and that is exposure for the purposes of breast feeding.

The police routinely charge this offense when it is clearly unwarranted or excessive. A criminal conviction for even a misdemeanor like this can be devastating.  If you have been charged with exposure of sexual organs or any other sexual offense, don’t hesitate to call, our firm will fight for you and seek to have your charges dismissed.

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