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DUI Success Stories

Experienced DUI ATtorneys in Jacksonville, FL

11-2011-CT-001197          Clay County, Green Cove Springs, Florida
D.E. was charged with DUI after being stopped by the police after 3 separate callers called 911 to report a drunk driver. D.E. provided a breath and urine sample. The urine sample revealed 9 controlled substances, including oxycodone and hydrocodone. At trial, DUI Attorney Bryant was able to prove that D.H. was not under the influence while driving, and D.H. was found not guilty by a jury.

12-2011-CT-000034          Columbia County, Lake City, Florida
E.H was arrested for a 3rd DUI in Columbia County, Florida. After our firm investigated the case and submitted evidence to the prosecution, the prosecution realized they would have been unable to prove E.H. had consumed alcohol before he was involved in a crash. The prosecution offered E.H. a reckless driving, a withhold adjudication, court costs and no other penalties. E.H. was able to avoid the mandatory 30 day jail sentence and a 10 year license suspension.

16-2010-CT-011888          Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida
M.B. was acquitted at a jury trial and avoided a second DUI conviction. DUI Attorney Bryant was able to convince a jury, the driving pattern of M.B. was not as bad as the police made it out to be. DUI Lawyer Bryant was able to pinpoint 6 locations a traffic stop could have occurred before the police actually stopped M.B. on suspicion of DUI. A second DUI conviction would have required at least 10 days in jail and a 5 year driver’s license suspension. 

16-2010-CT-016859        Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida
R.L. entrusted DUI Lawyer Casey Bryant with his second DUI case. The first trial resulted in a deadlock or hung jury as a unanimous decision could not be reached. At the re-trial, DUI Attorney Bryant had the jury return a verdict of NOT GUILTY. The prosecution’s star witness was biased against R.L. and DUI Attorney Bryant was able to capitalize and show the jury how this star witness was out to get R.L. R.L. was an active Navy sailor and out drinking while on-duty at the base. The arresting officer was ex-Navy and took R.L.’s actions personal, her bias was evident.

55-2011-CT-000033          St. Johns County, St. Augustine, Florida
T.R., a licensed medical doctor, was charged with DUI. Attorney Bryant prepared for the case for trial and convinced the prosecutor he could not win the case. The prosecutor amended the charge to reckless driving and agreed to withhold adjudication. T.R. did not incur a criminal conviction, avoided having an alcohol related crime on his record and any potential problems with the state licensing board.

16-2010-CT-016926          Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida
C.A. entered a plea of no contest to a DUI at first appearance. DUI Lawyer Bryant was able to successfully have the guilty plea withdrawn and contest the DUI charge. On the morning of trial, the DUI charge was dismissed. C.A. avoided a DUI conviction and mandatory license suspension.

16-2011-CT-018736          Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida
C.P. was charged with DUI, client was seen on video making a last second swerve to avoid crashing into a bulkhead on Interstate-10. C.P. was then stopped and given field sobriety exercise, of which the officer said he failed all. On video, C.P. admitted he was" too impaired to drive" and "impaired people should not drive." At trial, DUI Attorney Bryant discredited the arresting officer and minimized the statements made by the client. It took jury less than two and a half hours to find the client Not Guilty. Client had no conviction, no increase on insurance rates and no fines.

16-2011-CT-015149          Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida
M.M. was charged with DUI, it was his fourth arrest for a DUI offense. An Atlantic Beach Police officer observed M.M. leaving a local bar and swerving between lanes before executing a traffic stop. M.M. refused both field sobriety exercises and breath test. On the morning of trial, the prosecutor dropped the DUI charge and M.M. avoided a lengthy criminal trial.

16-2011-CT-018780          Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida
K.S. was charged with DUI after leaving Pete's Bar in Jacksonville Beach. She was stopped for erratic driving. After DUI Attorney Bryant prepared the case for trial, the state agreed to drop the DUI charge. K.S. avoided a DUI conviction, increased insurance rates and probation, if convicted.

04-2011-CT-001102          Starke, Bradford County, Florida
D.K. was charged with DUI, this was his fourth offense. D.K. was facing a lifetime driver's license suspension for a fourth conviction. After failing all sobriety tests and refusing to provide a breath sample, Attorney Bryant was able to expose holes in the case, discredit the arresting officer on cross-examination and obtain a not guilty verdict. D.K. avoided a felony conviction and lifetime suspension through Department of Motor Vehicles.

45-2012-CT-000132          Yulee, Nassau County, Florida
K.M. was charged with DUI after blowing under the legal limit. Attorney Bryant had the DMV suspension lifted and all criminal charges dropped within 10 days of arrest. K.M. never stepped foot in a courtroom and never missed a single day of being on the road.

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