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Itís more common than you think. You have a couple drinks at the bar, you donít want to leave your car overnight and you donít want to pay for a taxi. You have a half a glass of water, grab your car keys, and you confidently start your car and head home. Youíre swerving, youíre endangering others, but you donít stop. You donít pull the car over until you see the red and blue lights behind you. At this point, thereís no turning back, thereís no making excuses. Youíre going to jail.

In 2009, there were 2,558 car accidents that led to fatalities. Of those accidents, 904 of them were alcohol related. Florida law enforcement is cracking down on driving under the influence. As a result, your legal costs and your consequences are much more severe. If you have been charged with DUI in Florida, itís time to call Casey Bryant.

What is the limit in Florida?

Your blood alcohol level is an important part of your case. The current Florida limit is .08. If you are found with an alcohol level of 2.0 or more in your system, then you may face even greater penalties and charges. If there is a minor in your vehicle at the time of the arrest, then the charges you are facing may be harsher.

In Florida, the conviction for a first-time offender is significantly less than a prior offender. This is important to note when choosing a DUI lawyer. If this is your second or third charge, then you need a DUI lawyer that has handled cases such as yours with success.

Respected and Dedicated DUI Lawyers

When you turn to Casey Bryant to defend your DUI case, we'll get started right away. We'll request a copy of your police report, we'll obtain photographs, DUI blood and breath results. We'll dissect all of the pieces of information we can get our hands on to develop your case. We won't stop until we're confident in our case. When youíve been charged with a DUI in Florida, itís time to contact our respected DUI lawyers. We take each DUI defense seriously so we strive to do everything possible to find mistakes that can allow us to win your case.

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