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Blood Draw Tests Jacksonville FL

Per Florida Statutes, only a limited number of circumstances exist in which the police may take or request a blood draw from an individual suspected of DUI /DWI. However, the police frequently ignore these statutes and solicit blood anyway. The results of a blood draw can have a significant impact on the outcome of a DUI trial. Often a jury can not overlook the results, due to the scientific methods used to determine BAC levels.

A skilled DUI Attorney can fight blood results in many fashions, including the procedure used to extract blood, the legal right to contest a blood sample and the handling and processing of the blood by the lab.

The most commonly relied on basis for a blood draw is "death or serious bodily injury," when the police believe and accident has occurred and a driver is possibly impaired, they may forcibly extract blood for a person suspected of DUI. The injury does not have to have occurred on another party, but may be the injury of the driver as well.

Police also may try to extract blood by claiming a breath or urine test is impossible. Or ask the driver for his or her consent to a blood test. The prosecutor may even try to subpoena your medical records, if you appeared at a hospital for treatment.

The area surrounding the taking of blood for the purpose of determining its blood-alcohol content is frequently litigated, in order to protect your rights, you need an experienced DUI Lawyer fighting for you. Call today and talk with our DUI Attorney to discuss your legal rights. (904) 334-7103

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