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Drug Success Stories

Experienced Drug ATtorneys in Jacksonville, FL

12-2007-CF-000816          Columbia County, Lake City, Florida
D.J. was on probation for multiple drug offenses. After incurring a probation violation, D.J. absconded for close to a year. An arrest warrant was issued, Attorney Bryant was hired and scheduled a court date, and client was never arrested. The judge and prosecutor were demanding D.J. return to prison, at a sentencing hearing, Attorney Bryant argued for a reinstatement of probation and the judge agreed. Client avoided a lengthy prison sentence, despite the fact he had 20 prior felony convictions.

16-2009-CF-000584          Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida
R.H. was charged with stealing 900 oxycodone from a Jacksonville Pain clinic. The prosecution was seeking a prison term, after investigating mitigation of R.H.’s medical history and long history of untreated drug abuse, Drug Defense Attorney Bryant had R.H. enter a plea of guilty to the judge. R.H. faced a maximum of 5 years in prison, but after presenting evidence provided by the defense, the judge imposed a sentence with no jail time, allowing receive the medical treatment he needed.

56-2010-MM-003616      St. Lucie County, Florida
C.F. and C.D. had $20,000 in cash taken from them in a forfeiture proceeding and were also arrested for possession of marijuana. Attorney Bryant was able to have the prosecution for possession to be dismissed as the police violated the client’s rights in searching the vehicle. In addition, all the seized money was returned after bank records were proffered showing legitimate business activity and the funds did not stem form an illegal operation.

10-2011-CF-00065            Clay County, Green Cove Springs, Florida
C.S. was charged with 4 felonies, including, trafficking in oxycodone, a first degree felony. The crime carried a minimum sentence of 15 years in prison and a $100,000 fine. C.S. was caught with the pills in his pocket, he was busted. After extensive negotiation with the state attorney, Attorney Bryant brokered a deal for only 18 months in prison and no fine. Client avoided a mandatory 15 year prison sentence.

16-2011-CF-004989         Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida
A.G. was charged with trafficking in cocaine, a first degree felony, punishable by up to 30 years in prison. While the prosecutor had a $250,000 bond placed on the client to assure he remained in jail, Attorney Bryant had the client released on ROR. Attorney Bryant aggressively fought the case and client never stepped foot in a courtroom. All charges were dismissed forever.

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