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Drug possession can be charged in one of two ways; the first is actual possession, actual possession is obtained when an individual has possession on their actual person. The other is constructive possession; constructive possession is more complex than actual possession and does not require the substance to be on one's person. Constructive possession is obtained when an individual has dominion and control over an item or substance.

Constructive possession can be charged in situations where drugs where located in a car or home, and the owner or user of that property is responsible or had knowledge that the substance was located there.

Incurring a conviction for drug possession can have serious consequences on a defendant’s life. If convicted of a drug possession crime, an automatic two-year driver's license suspension must follow.  This suspension is mandatory, not even the judge can prevent it from happening, even for a first offense! In addition, the degree of crime for a drug possession offense depends on the substance actually possessed, possession of some drugs is a misdemeanor, others a felony.

If you have been arrested or charged with drug possession for any substance, including marijuana, hashish, cocaine, crack, heroin, methadone, oxycodone, roxies, or any other prescription drug. Call an experienced drug defense attorney, call Attorney Casey Bryant right away, don’t let a simple drug possession offense ruin your life.

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