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Criminal Defense Success Stories

Criminal Defense Attorney Jacksonville FL

16-2011-CF-004702     Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida
J.C. was charged with Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon. The prosecution alleged the client "pistol-whipped" the victim. The case fell under Florida's 10-20-life law, and involved serious prison time, if convicted. After taking depositions, Attorney Bryant was able to point out conflicts in the victimís testimony, and the lack of physical evidence to have the felony charge dismissed.

10-2010-CF-002457     Green Cove Springs, Clay County, Florida
L.G. was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm under Florida’s 10-20-Life law. He faced a minimum of 3 years in a Florida prison upon conviction. L.G. also was on probation for 2 separate cases.
Attorney Bryant investigated the case, brought evidence to the prosecutor’s attention and convinced him to not file charges. As for the probation violations, the judge agreed to terminate the probation even though the client had not completed any of the special conditions. Client walked out a free man.

55-2011-MM-000539     Yulee, Nassau County, Florida
H.S., a medical technology specialist, was arrested for domestic battery. He had never been arrested or charged with any crime in his lifetime. The client demanded his innocence and refused to engage in any plea negotiation with the State Attorney. Attorney Bryant set the case for trial and preserved the client’s right to a speedy trial. On the eve of trial, the prosecutor was unable to locate the alleged victim. The prosecutor asked the judge for a continuance, Attorney Bryant informed the judge the client had a right to a speedy trial and he must be brought to trial within the next 3 days, the prosecutor was forced to
drop the charges. H.S. will maintain a conviction free record and be eligible to have the arrest record expunged.

48-2011-CF-002881-B/O     Orange County, Orlando, Florida
Client was charged with sex trafficking, two counts of kidnapping with a firearm, aggravated battery, aggravated assault with a firearm and witness tampering. The allegations are that client kidnaped two women and forced them to become prostitutes. One of the women ran off with $600 from a job and when she was caught, she was tied to a chair and burned with a meat tenderizer, which had been heated up on a stove. The stateís pre-depo offer was 25 years. The state refused to schedule depositions and provide discovery in a timely fashion. A motion to compel discovery was filed. This did not get the attention of the state. Client demanded a speedy trial, without the taking of depositions. The prosecutor suspected we would be asking for a continuance and was not ready. When a trial was demanded, day 171 after arrest, the state moved for a continuance. The judge refused to grant the continuance. As this case has gained media attention, the judge had set aside time certain for this trial. After selecting a jury, 10 motions in limine were heard and the judge granted each one. The motions included excluding undisclosed witnesses, 170 crime scene photos, 31 photos of victim injuries, cell phone records, nude photos, advertisements, defendants confession and pimp references. The judge also ordered depositions to be taken before the court the following morning. At the depositions, one victim did not comply with times issued by the court and another had her story and facts destroyed. The flipping co-defendants lost all credibility based on their actions and the stateís case began to crumble. After depositions the court granted motions to dismiss the sex trafficking, one kidnapping and the aggravated assault charge. The state did not contest a motion for judgment of acquittal as to the witness tampering and the aggravated battery charge. That left are client with only one kidnapping charge. We offered 60 days on a misdemeanor assault to avoid proceeding further. Client had 170 days credit so he was released immediately and avoided the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence.

18-2011-MM-000693      Flagler County, Bunnell, Florida
S.N. a police officer from South Florida was charged with misdemeanor battery. Prior to hiring Attorney Bryant, S.N. had hired an internet lawyer. The internet lawyer was unable to get any productive work done on the case. Attorney Bryant interviewed witnesses, took sworn statements and had the case set for trial. On the morning off trial, the prosecutor came to court and dropped the charge. S.N. was able to keep his job as a police officer, maintain a clean record and avoid going to trial.

16-2011-MM-011033      Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida
T.P., a college student was charged with disorderly intoxication. T.P. may have had a little too much to drink and instigated a verbal argument with the police. Attorney Bryant was able to have the case dismissed, the client was able to maintain a conviction free record and a possible probation sentence, if convicted.

45-2010-CF-001081          Nassau County, Yulee, Florida
C.S., a Marine, was charged with fleeing and eluding, the entire chase was caught on police camera. C.S. was at risk of receiving a dishonorable discharge from the Marine Corps. if he incurred a felony conviction or any incarceration. After providing substantial mitigation and engaging in extensive negotiation with the state attorney, C.S. was given probation and adjudication was withheld. C.S. is still in the Marines today.

55-2011-CF-002017          St. Johns County, St. Augustine, Florida
J.G., an 18 year old was charged with Burglary after stealing a power tool from a sailboat, while intoxicated. Burglary is a felony under Florida law. Attorney Bryant was able to convince the State Attorney to not charge J.G. with a felony, but a misdemeanor instead. Attorney Bryant had J.G. undergo a comprehensive drug evaluation and follow-up treatment and the case was resolved without a criminal conviction.

18-2009-CF-000904          Flagler County, Bunnell, Florida
D.B. was charged in a drive-by shooting , as a habitual offender and facing serious prison time. Attorney Bryant was able to find holes in the case due to witness problems and have D.B. released from custody on misdemeanor charges. D.B. avoided serious prison time and multiple felony convictions under Florida's 10-20-Life law.

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