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A criminal defense attorney is the only thing that stands between your rights and a criminal conviction. A criminal conviction can have life altering consequences. A criminal conviction can and will affect your ability to obtain employment, rent, lease or own a home, apply for and/or receive certain state and federal benefits, and tarnish your reputation and the community. You owe it yourself to right for and protect everything you have worked for in your life and the safety and well-being of your family’s future.

An experienced criminal defense attorney knows the law and how the law works to protect your innocence. A criminal attorney can put the law to work for you and file motions to exclude evidence, suppress unlawful search and seizures and dismiss frivolous allegations the prosecution puts before you.

An aggressive criminal defense attorney will move quickly and with the authority of the law to provide you with the best defense possible, an aggressive criminal lawyer will not let a prosecutor admit unauthenticated evidence and make baseless allegations regarding your character.

Protect your civil rights, fight the police and prosecution with everything you have, maintain a clean record without a baseless criminal conviction, hire a criminal defense attorney who will fight for you.

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