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Experienced Child Abuse/Neglect Lawyers Jacksonville FL

This area of the law is broken up into three separate offenses. Child Abuse is a third-degree felony, child neglect is a second-degree felony and aggravated child abuse is a felony of the first degree. The State of Florida is prosecuting these crimes with much more frequency and intensity. The level of offense is often determined by the severity of the injury to the child. If an injury is classified as great bodily harm, the stakes of the offense are raised.

Often times an investigation into child abuse or child neglect is initiated by the Department of Children and Families, if the department detects any evidence of abuse or neglect, the case is turned over to the police or prosecutor to file formal charges.

If you have been arrested or are under investigation for child abuse or child neglect, it is imperative that you speak with a criminal defense attorney immediately, being found guilty or pleading no contest may affect the custody of your children or your parental rights. Call Attorney Bryant today to schedule a free consultation.

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