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To prove burglary, the State of Florida is not required to prove the theft of an item. What the state must prove is the "entering" of a dwelling or conveyance, with the "intent to commit an offense therein." This language is often difficult for defendants and inexperienced criminal defense lawyers to grasp. The "intent to commit an offense therein" can include a battery, assault, sex crime or any other crime. That is why prosecutors typically charge burglary to enhance the alleged criminal episode.

A burglary is a common crime, but carries serious consequences. Burglary to a structure or conveyance is a third-degree felony. Burglary to a dwelling is a second-degree felony which carries a minimum sentence of 21 months in prison under Florida Guidelines. First-degree burglaries include causing damage in excess of $1,000, Armed Burglary and Burglary with an Assault and/or Battery.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for burglary, you need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney, one who can work on getting the case dismissed or reduced to trespass, a misdemeanor. Don't let your life be ruined by the charge of burglary, call today.

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