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Jacksonville Bond Reduction Attorney

Experienced Bond Reductions Lawyers Jacksonville FL

Bond is usually set at first appearance, sometimes called a bond hearing, or by the judge issuing a search/arrest warrant. Every criminal defendant is entitled to bail or bond unless charged with a capital crime or a crime punishable by life in prison. After an initial bond is set, the bond may only be modified by the trial judge or the chief judge.

A first appearance hearing, or bond hearing, is held within the first 48 hours following an arrest. A criminal defendant is entitled to have a lawyer at the first appearance hearing. Hiring a criminal defense attorney is extremely beneficial to achieving a lower bond or a release on one?s own recognizance. The Law Office of Casey Bryant has criminal defense lawyers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, who are able to appear at first appearance hearings.

Bond may be reviewed at any point during a criminal case; the court typically looks at a defendant?s criminal history, ties to the community and prior appearances at past court appearances when evaluating bond or bail. Casey Bryant has argued hundreds of motions for bond reduction and mastered success in gaining clients' pretrial release.

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