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Probation Violations

An individual can be put on probation for a violation of the law that is either a misdemeanor or felony. When put on probation an order of probation is entered and this document outlines what are the requirements of probation. All probationers must abide by the general conditions of probation, these typically include: report to the probation office as directed, pay the cost of supervision, not change residence or employment without notice to probation officer, do not own or possess firearm, live without violating the law, do not associate with others involved in criminal activity, do not use or possess intoxicants, hold or seek employment, comply with all orders of court and probation officer, pay restitution and court costs, and submit to random drug tests.

In addition, a court may impose special conditions. A special condition is a condition that is unique to the probationer’s case. They may include; community service hours, AA or NA meetings, rehab, counseling, a letter of apology, curfew, and/or fines.

To violate a condition of probation, the condition must exist in the order of probation. A skilled criminal defense attorney must review the order of probation and analyze; whether the condition exists, whether the condition is lawful and whether a willful and substantial violation of probation has occurred. If a probationer admits or is found by a preponderance of the evidence to have violated probation, a judge may revoke the probation and sentence the offender to the maximum penalty minus credit for any time already served.

At the Law Office of Casey Bryant we have handled probation violations on both misdemeanor and felony cases throughout the North Floirda area. We have the experience to present evidence for reinstatement and fight against the violation, whether it is a failed drug test, a new law violation, or a failure to pay, contact our office now and let our experienced criminal defense attorneys fight for you. We offer a free consultation and payment plans are available.

Types of Evidence

In a criminal case there are many different types of evidence the prosecution will attempt to use to prove a criminal defendant’s guilty beyond any and all reasonable doubt. Some of the most frequently used classifications of evidence are; testimonial, physical, scientific, and legal.

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