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Mother arrested for manslaughter of 13-year-old daughter

In a sad story based out of Jacksonville, Florida, a mother is charged with aggravated manslaughter after her 13-year-old daughter was found malnourished and covered in lice. The mother’s mentally disabled teenage daughter was found dead in June 30 after a rescue crew was called to help the child Ramona Bones. The crew found her unresponsive and while in transport to the hospital, Ramona’s heart stopped. Six days later, she passed away.

According to the police report, the cause of death included hemorrhaging of her heart due to pancreatitis and pneumonia. Contributing factors included mental retardation, malnutrition and diaper rash. She also suffered from anemia and insect bites.

Ramona’s mother Rivera was arrested shortly after the rescue of her daughter. Since her arrest, her charge has been upgraded based upon the coroner’s report. The original charge of neglect now includes aggravated manslaughter.

According the report, the manner of death categories are homicide, suicide, accidental, undetermined or natural. Despite Ramona’s death being ruled natural, the charge was upgraded because her mother is accused of being culpably negligent in what happened, said prosecutor Alan Mizrahi.

Rivera’s original arrest report said Ramona appeared to have been starved and was covered with lice. Her core temperature was 86 degrees. Doctors at the hospital believed she was potentially brain dead.

The report went on to indicate that Rivera described her daughter as an occasional “burden.” She said the teen had not been to school or to see a doctor on a regular basis.


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