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Why do I need a DUI Lawyer?

A DUI is one of the most complex cases to defend; it can often be more difficult than defend than a murder case. A DUI Lawyer has a unique set of skills and knowledge which differentiate him or her from an ordinary lawyer.

A DUI consists of two distinct and wholly independent cases. One case is a criminal case and the other is an administrative law case, which takes place at the Department of Motor Vehicles. To successfully defend against a DUI charge you must hire a DUI Lawyer who can protect your rights at both forums.

DUI Criminal Case

A DUI is a criminal traffic case, that means if you are plead no contest or guilty, or are found guilty by a jury after a trial, you could be sentenced to jail or placed on probation, either way, your liberty will be severely restricted.

In DUI case, a DUI Lawyer must know the Florida Rules of Evidence and the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, these two sets of rules govern the rules of court for the prosecution and defense of every DUI case.

In every DUI case many different types of evidence are used, the most common are factual, legal and scientific evidence. An experienced DUI Lawyer is vastly familiar with all of these forms of evidence and can and will use them to defend your DUI case.

Often times a DUI case consists of only one witness who the prosecutor will use to prove you were driving impaired or drunk. A jury’s determination as to your guilt or innocence will hinge on the testimony and credibility of this sole witness. This witness is most often the police officer who stopped or pulled over your car for an alleged traffic infraction.

A skilled DUI Lawyer will be able to discredit and exploit this witness with the officer’s own words. Some lawyers simply negotiate plea bargains, but a DUI Lawyer will fight and contest each and every allegation and obtain a not guilty verdict. A DUI Lawyer will not let one officer’s testimony dictate the outcome of a criminal trial. A DUI Lawyer is trained in police tactics and knows what each officer did and should have done!

To protect you liberty and driver’s license you must hire a DUI Lawyer to fight a DUI case.

DMV Case

If you are arrested for DUI, the Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend your license. A DUI Lawyer can and will fight for you to keep your license. A DUI Lawyer will schedule a hearing within 10 days of your arrest and subpoena the necessary witnesses, all while you keep driving. A DUI Lawyer is familiar with the unique rules of the DMV and can navigate those rules to allow you to keep your license.

Failing to hire a DUI Lawyer to contest your DUI at the DMV can have lasting consequences, if a DUI goes unchallenged, you will have a DUI on your driving record, that means enhanced insurances rates for the rest of your life!

Defending a DUI in a DMV case is completely different than defending a criminal charge of DUI, you must hire a DUI Lawyer to protect your license.

A DUI Lawyer will use both cases to defend you properly and maximize the defense of your DUI case, don’t make the mistake and hire just any lawyer, hire DUI Lawyer Bryant today!

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