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Jurors in Casey Anthony Trial Are “Sick” about Decision

Two jurors in the Casey Anthony case have come forth to say they wish the outcome had been different but prosecutors did not provide enough evidence to convict her of killing her daughter, Caylee Anthony who was found murdered.

“It doesn’t feel good. It was a horrible decision to have to make,” says Jennifer Ford, who identified herself as Juror No. 3. “We were sick to our stomach to get that verdict. We were crying, and not just the women.”

In an emotional interview with the Florida’s St. Petersburg Times, Juror No. 2, who did not want to be identified, told the Times “I just swear to God   . . .  I wish we had more evidence to put her away. I truly do . . . But it wasn’t there,” he said as tears flowed during his emotional interview.

With a nation in mourning, how did Casey Anthony go free? The prosecutors were unable to prove who Caylee’s caretaker was at the time of her death – Casey Anthony or the grandparents.

“We truly don’t know what happened. Somebody knows, but we don’t know,” says Juror No. 2.

Although Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder, she was convicted on four misdemeanor counts of lying to the police. Upon her sentencing on July 7, 2011, Casey Anthony could face up to four years in prison, although experts agree that with time served and good behavior, she may be out by the end of the summer.

The four lies at issue include Anthony lying about whether her daughter was missing; about 2-year-old Caylee being in the custody of a nanny; about having a job at Universal Studios and about having received a phone call from Caylee.

Caylee Anthony, daughter of Casey Anthony, disappeared from her Orlando, Florida, in June 2008. Her disappearance attracted national media attention after her grandmother Cindy Anthony reported her missing. During her phone call with 911, Cindy told the operator Caylee had been missing “for 31 days.” Cindy Anthony went on to say, “There is something wrong. I found my daughter’s car today and it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car.”

According to Casey Anthony’s father, George Anthony, Casey left the family’s home on June 16, 2008 with Caylee and they did not return. Cindy asked repeatedly during the month to see Caylee, but Casey claimed she was too busy with a work assignment in Tampa, Florida. At other times, she said Caylee was with a nanny, Zenaida “Zanny” Fernandez-Gonzalez. Law enforcement officials did eventually tracked down Fernandez-Gonzalez only to find that she had never met Casey, Caylee, or any other member of the Anthony family.

On July 13, 2008, while doing yard work, Cindy and George Anthony found a notice from the post office for a certified letter affixed on their front door. When George picked up the certified letter on July 15, 2008, he found his daughter’s car was in a tow yard. When George picked up the car, both he and the tow yard attendant noted a strong smell coming from the truck. Both testified later they believed the smell was that of a decomposing body. However, when the trunk opened, it only contained a bag of trash and no human remains.

Caylee Anthony’s remains were found in December 2008 in a wooded area. The prosecutors alleged that that Casey used chloroform to render the child unconscious, then duct taped the toddler’s nose and mouth to suffocate her.


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