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Attempted Murder Attorneys Jacksonville FL

Know your rights when you're charged with attempted murder

The State of Florida prosecutes attempted murder charges the same as a murder case. Judge and prosecutors find the fact the alleged victim survived to be irrelevant, and the defendant should not benefit from a missed shot.

An attempted murder charge can fall into either an attempted first-degree murder, a life felony or an attempted second-degree murder, a first-degree felony. Most prosecutions involve the alleged use of a firearm, so the 10-20-Life law will be applicable.

Due to the nature of the intent, attempted murder is considered one of the most heavily penalized crimes committed. Degrees of attempted murder can vary and are classified to include the following:

  • The level of pre-meditation
  • The level of violence during the act
  • The type of weapon or instrument involved
  • The severity of the attack
  • The nature of the attack, including robbery, rape, or drug trafficking

Jacksonville Attempted Murder Lawyers

Don't risk your future, contact criminal defense lawyer Bryant to discuss any possible defense against an attempted murder charge including, self-defense, and Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law.

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