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Assault does not involve physical contact, but only the fear of physical contact based on the threat of possible force. In an assault case, the victim must fear the imminent or potential harm.

Simple assault is a first-degree misdemeanor; aggravated assault is a third degree felony. The use of a weapon often triggers an aggravated assault. The use of a firearm has very serious penalties, commonly referred to as 10-20-Life Law.

When someone is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and they have brandished the firearm, a three-year mandatory minimum prison sentence must be imposed. If a firearm is discharged, a mandatory minimum of twenty years must be imposed. These sentences do not allow for gain-time or early release for good behavior.

Any person alleged to have committed a violent offense needs an experienced criminal attorney. Being labeled a violent offender can have everlasting consequences on one?s life. Call a criminal defense attorney with experience handling cases with violent allegations; put your case in the hands of a criminal trial attorney.

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